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If someone told you could surf on Lake Ontario, you would probably shake your head in disbelief. It turns out you can surf on all of the Great Lakes, and there are great surf breaks right in our backyard.

Surf the Greats is a lifestyle brand that was born from a passion of adventure, exploration, and the power of nature. It is the emergence of a northern surf culture founded in adventure travel, community building, and conservation.

Ebb and Flow is our first spring/summer collection. It is inspired by this transition from dark days and cold nights, to the heat of the summer we have been waiting for. We embrace this change, while honouring the season of incredible winter surf. From the use of cool blues to hot pinks, or the glimpse of a frozen lake, this collection has been designed to keep you cool in the summer heat.

Swing by the Drake General Store on Queen West to check out our Pop-up Shop, and find out what’s making Toronto the new surf city.

Surf the Greats Pop-up Shop Drake General Store Toronto 


Thursday, May 28–Saturday, May 30: 10AM–9PM
Sunday, May 31: 11AM–6PM

Meet the Makers

Saturday, May 30: 3–5PM