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At Surf the Greats, we believe that we are nothing without our community. We strive to foster our community through a series of events throughout the year. Past events include beach clean ups, pop up shops, film screenings, photo exhibitions, community classes, and gear swaps.

On Days Like These We Must Surf

In the spirit of celebration during the Toronto International Film Festival, Surf the Greats and Patagonia would like to invite you to celebrate our thriving community of surfers in Toronto and to express our love for the Great Lakes. We thrilled to present the premiere of On Days Like These We Must Surf—a short documentary about a tight-knit community of Great Lakes surfers directed by Jake Kovnat.
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Surf the Greats and MEC Outdoor Nation invite you for an unforgettable day camp in TO Surf City. Join us for an afternoon of fun in the sun in one of the most well kept secret islands in Toronto. With our stunning city skyline in the background, we are going to disconnect from our urban lives and connect with our natural environment in a truly meaningful way.
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Tidal Flow by the Lake Series

Come celebrate summer and our love for the Great Lakes with us. Bring a friend and your own mat/towel.Join us for one, two or all classes happening at a different location by the water every other Wednesday. These events are free, but we are accepting donations so that we can continue running similar initiatives for everyone in our community.
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The Cove Beach Clean Up #15

We've all enjoyed the great waves Lake Ontario brought us over the winter months, and now it's time to give back as we clean our beaches in preparation for Summer. Invite your friends and family to come help us pick up litter to some reggae tunes, and meet other surfers and standup paddle boarders in our community. There will be a free Yoga for Surfers class, potluck BBQ, lots of prizes from our sponsors, and the annual Lake Steward award ceremony by Surf Dreams Canada.
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Northern Swell

Three photographers have come together to share their distinct perspectives on cold water surfing. Marcus Paladino grew up on Vancouver Island and currently lives and works in the idyllic surf of Tofino, British Columbia. Will Saunders, originally from Colorado, lives in Central Orgeon and his photography has taken him up and down the West Coast from Nicaragua to Alaska. Lucas Murnaghan, born and raised in Ontario, shoots the local fresh waters of the Great Lakes and has captured surf breaks around the world including Barbados, Costa Rica, and New Zealand.
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Summer Games

In celebration of the Pan Am Games, we are having a special event. Because the only thing better than a party wave is a party itself, we are joining forces with our partners at Track & Field Bar for a night of games, drinks, and good music. On the lawn, bocce ball and deck shuffleboard to the best reggae, surf music and dancehall by DJ Great Lake Shark.
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Meet-up Clean-up Series

Surf the Greats, in partnership with MEC and Patagonia, presents Meet-up Clean-up Series. This social event is supported by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and is part of the annual Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. The event aims to bring together standup paddleboarders from the GTA for a weekly social paddle and beach clean up, while inspiring change and raising awareness to the importance of conservation of our home waters. The effects of marine plastic are much more evident when visiting beaches that are less frequented by the general public. We are fortunate to be situated in the middle of a vast shoreline—one that needs our immediate attention. In addition to exposing people to the natural beauty and accessibility of beaches in the...
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Drake General Store Pop-Up Shop

If someone told you could surf on Lake Ontario, you would probably shake your head in disbelief. It turns out you can surf on all of the Great Lakes, and there are great surf breaks right in our backyard. Swing by the Drake General Store on Queen West to check out our Pop-up Shop, and find out what’s making Toronto the new surf city.
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Social Paddle & Beach Clean-up

In the spirit of giving back to the environment, we would like to invite all standup paddle-boarders to join us for a social paddle and beach clean up at the Humber Bay Park East. If you don't have a standup paddle board, you can join us to clean the park and the beach from land. We are having a picnic after the clean up so that everyone can have a chance to meet and socialize.
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Ebb & Flow: A Surf Photography Exhibit by Lucas Murnaghan

Tides come and go. Ice shelfs advance and recede. As the days grow longer, the ice retreats to once again open our opportunities to surf. As the heat grows stronger, we dust off our boards and hang our winter gear. The cyclic tide of the north is the ebb of winter, and the flow of summer. Ebb and Flow is a photographic representation of the surfing culture here in the great lakes and around the world. The juxtaposition of these experiences and locations reminds us that it is the people, energy, and stoke that unites us. Surfing is about where you go to find it and where it takes you as a person. This collection of surf photography will convey the...
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