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It's tropical travel season and the well-travelled surfers in our crew put together a guide to make your packing easier and so you and all your surf sisters can have a stress-free surf trip.


1. Good quality sunscreen (face, body, surf stick & lips)

Not all sunscreens are created equal. For max protection for face and body, we don’t leave home without a combo of high-quality face cream, a water-resistant surf stick and something that will treat our bodies right. SunBum is our go-to sun shield. We recommend:

  • FACE: Original SPF 50 Clear Zinc - this zinc oxide formula with added Aloe and Vitamin E adds a protective barrier between your face (or other sensitive areas) and the sun.
  • SURF: Signature SPF 30 Clear Sunscreen Face Stick - a premium, mineral based sunscreen specifically designed for those who work and play hard in the sun. It won’t bleed into your eyes or your hands slippery and it won't come off during the most rigorous activities in the water, wind, or sun.
  • BODY: Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion - a moisturizing sunscreen to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays. BONUS: the vitamin E in this sunscreen helps neutralize free radicals, aka. the main cause of premature skin ageing!



2. Surf bathing suits

Though we’re always a fan of packing as minimally as possible, when it comes to bathing suits, we can’t help but indulge. Because they take up so little room, we support a mix of bikinis, one-pieces, and surf suits.

  • ONE PIECE: Mona Wild Love One-piece — a personal favourite, you’ll never have to worry about slips in this suite. Functional and fun with eye-catching prints, a back keyhole cut-out and a little bit of cheek. BONUS: there’s a back zip pocket!

Surf leggings

3. Surf leggings and rash guards

    If you’re just learning to surf or want extra sun protection while you’re out in the water, surf leggings and rash guards are a must. Guard against burns and chaffing and look goooood.

    We recommend:

    4. Leave in Conditioner/After Sun

      Scoop out some coconut oil from your jar at home and pack it in a tin. Then, at the end of a salty day when your hair and skin is in need of some moisturizing, melt the oil in the palm of your hands and rub into the ends of your hair, and all over your skin for replenishing.

        5. Shampoo & Conditioner Bar

          Shampoo and conditioner bars not only take up less space in your suitcase, they are also better for the environment as they use no packaging. Our favourite shampoo bar is from Lush cosmetics, a brand that makes fresh and environmentally sustainable products. The “Seanik” shampoo bar is made from sea salt, lemon oil, and seaweed to make hair soft, especially after a day soaking up sun and salty water. Lush also makes conditioner bars, with our favourite being the “Jungle” bar as it’s made with a cocoa butter base to tame wild hair.

          Slowtide Towel

          6. Lightweight Towel

          When it comes to towels we want something that will pack light and dry fast. Roll up your Slowtide towel to condense space.

          Dolphin Hat

          7. Hat

            Always gotta throw a hat in the beach bag! My current favourite in store is the Mollusk Dolphin Polo Hat! When picking your hat to bring on your adventure, try to pick one that can go with any outfit! Whether it’s with your bathing suit on the beach, or your athletic clothes when hiking up volcanoes, a hat to protect your face from the sun is important.


              Hayn Flip Flops

              8. Flip Flops

                Having versatile shoes is key to packing light. For a beach trip near or far, flip-flops are a necessity for going between your surf lodge and the beach. 


                All Our Waves Are Water

                9. Beach Read

                  When travelling, I like to bring 2 solid pieces of reading material. A magazine such as The Surfer's Journal is perfect because it offers a variety of articles and beautiful photographs sure to inspire. I also like to bring a novel to power through on a trip. A good novel is perfect to have on hand when in transit, laying in a hammock after a solid surf sesh, or first thing in the morning with a strong coffee in hand.

                  Surf the Greats


                  10. Fold-up Cotton Tote

                    • A sturdy cotton tote is ideal for beachin’ it in the tropics. Cotton tote bags can lay flat at the base of your suitcase on route to paradise, and once you’re there and ready to head to the beach, throw in your water bottle, sunscreen, towel, beach read and snacks! Cotton totes are easy to shake the sand out of at the end of the day if you care to.

                    Words and Images by Stella Grob and Jenn Dumaran. Tropical images by Mona.

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