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November 2015 was an awesome month for me. I traveled to Costa Rica to take a surf instructor course and a lifeguard course, plus travel, wander, and take pictures. The courses were taught on Jacó beach - a fun and busy four-kilometer stretch of beach located on the pacific side of Costa Rica.

The lifeguard course was remarkable, difficult, rewarding, and informative all in one. It was a five-day, 40-hour intensive schedule of learning life-saving procedures. Marvin Perez is the head instructor of the course and one of the local lifeguards on Jacó Beach. Marvin, alongside friends and certified watermen Kali Artavia Ureña and Jair Perez Quiros, delivered a tough and educational course. Their love for the ocean and passion for lifeguarding and ocean safety was infectious.

I went into the course with no expectations and was blown away by how much a small core group of people are doing for ocean rescue, water safety, and education. Marvin has helped reduce the number of drownings in Jacó by 85%. He runs junior volunteer lifeguard programs, leads workshops in cities surrounding Jaco, and teaches his lifeguard program all over the country.  

I took so much away from one week with an amazing group of individuals and this is my way of giving back. 

Your donation of any amount, can be made here, will give the lifeguards of Jacó Beach more than just a machine, but the technology to help save lives. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please see the Facebook group “Help4Jacó” for weekly updates and use the hashtag “help4jaco” across all social media to share and join in on the conversation.

Words by Surf the Greats Instructor Matty Weiler. Photographs by Maureen Durán and Nat Kuleba. 

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