Learn to surf on the Great Lakes

Learn to surf on the Great Lakes

Would you rather enjoy autumn’s fiery foliage driving by in the comfort of your car or from the shoreline of Lake Erie while surfing? At Surf the Greats it’s a no brainer. Sunday funday we were out on Lake Erie passing the torch of stoke to six eager adventurers.

In amazing conditions for teaching, a small group of us went through the core fundamentals of surfing including safety, surf stance, the pop up and how to paddle. In beginner lessons the amount of new information to process can be overwhelming but our stoked six pack were attentive at every point and demonstrated that in the water.

Highlights of the day were seeing everyone safely paddling into their own waves and returning to the line up buzzing with their last wave. Some surfers even took a stab at some unbroken waves and stayed surfing in the water long past the lesson’s end.

Words by Matty Weiler. Photos by Elie Landesberg.