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Surf lessons Toronto Great Lakes, Lake Ontario

Toronto surf city was in full effect Friday September 30 and what better way to kick off the weekend then learning to surf right in town. In a week where hockey baseball and politics scattered the media headlines, I was lucky enough to coach five stoked adventurers how to surf, with Antonio and the Surf the Greats crew. 

Toronto Surf Lessons Lake Ontario Great Lakes

Conditions were great for learning and I was pumped to teach with Surf the Greats for the first time. Our guests were bright eyed and at full attention as Antonio and I went through some theory on land, safety procedures and practiced our surfing stance. Once the basics were covered we headed to the water to to get a feel for what it's like to have a wave push you in. As the saying goes “you have to walk before you can run” so is true for surfing. Before having everyone paddling out and catch their own waves we teach the parts of the board, how to carry the board and how to enter the water safely. Safety is such a high priority but once our frothing five pack were comfortable and displaying all the safety measures we taught, there was no looking back. I’m proud to say that within three hours we had everyone standing and riding white water waves. We took a short break on the beach and everyone was buzzing. Surfing is amazing and sharing it with people is even better.

Surf Lessons on the Great Lakes Toronto Lake Ontario

Words by Surf the Greats Instructor Matty Weiler.

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  • Looks great you guys, nice work. Nice to see you brave the cold as much as the Costa Rican heat Matt. Happy trails. Woz and Toes, UK

    Welsh Wozzer

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