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Spend some time with us here to dig a little deeper into the stories that have led us to where we are today. Here you will find original content from ourselves and our contributors from the Great Lakes and beyond.

Sip Spotlight: Brothers Coffee Roasters

Our relationship with Brothers Coffee Roasters has been deeply intertwined for the past couple of years. We caught up with them over a cup of coffee to find out more about their operation and their love for surfing and coffee beans.
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Braving the Cold for Youth Mental Health

Thinking of those still struggling, just as I did before, gave me the push I needed to brave the cold. It was painful, exhilarating, and one of the most rewarding things I had done in a while. It reminded me that I was alive.
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Bloom Lagoon: A Post-apocalyptic Great Lakes Surf Film

After a winter of frozen fingers and frostbites, we are stoked to present 'Bloom Lagoon'—a freshwater post-apocalyptical Great Lakes surf film.
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Into Janne Robinson’s World

The quintessential surfer chick-turned writer was recently in the city promoting her inaugural book of poems: This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck. Aptly titled, the book explores everything from stories of lost love and sentimental adventures, to daily musings, powerful odes, and candid self-examinations.
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She Shreds: Meeting People, Learning and Finding a Community

Read about one of our community member's experiences at our She Shreds weekend events, sponsored by Rip Curl and MEC Outdoor Nation.
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Swim Drink Fish

A swimmable, drinkable, fishable future is not possible without a lot of people working together towards the same goal. If it takes a village to raise a child, collaboration between communities, businesses, governments, and citizens is what is needed to restore and protect our water. 
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Interview: Wax Surf Co. & Golden State Glassing

We took a trip down to SoCal to touch base with Wax Surf Co and met the crew at Golden State Glassing over a couple beers we had the chance to dig a bit deeper into their histories and trajectories. Here's a compilation of the best moments for your enjoyment.
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15 Surfing Etiquette And Safety Points to Make You a Better Surfer

With our surf season starting and the steady growth in our surf community, our ISA-certified surf coaches took some time to put together some valuable information on surfing etiquette and safety considerations so that we can all enjoy the waves.
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4 Types of Surfboards To Add To Your Quiver

The era of having a quiver full of thrusters is over. This is why so many modern surfers are beginning to upgrade their quivers so they have a board for just about any condition. From a fish to a soft top to a groveler and beyond, having a wide variety of boards can help you to surf any time of year, no matter the waves. Here is the guide to help you build your surf quiver to surf on the Great Lakes and beyond.
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A bigger, better, and brighter Surf the Greats

Our new shop is located at 260 Carlaw Avenue Unit 102, and in addition to all the rad things we had in our previous location, we now have an in-house shaper and a shaping bay so that you can watch your new custom surfboard being made while you grab a coffee or a bite. 
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