Forecasting Workshop

Wave Forecasting Workshop Learn to Surf in Toronto Great Lakes Surfing

Would you like to begin understanding how to forecast waves? We have prepared a workshop with all the information and tools you need to understanding how wave forecasting works on the Great Lakes, so you can start chasing your own waves and never miss a session.

The workshop will cover:

  • The science behind wave formation in the Ocean and on the Great Lakes.
  • Understanding weather maps and charts.
  • Using online tools and apps available for wave forecasting.
  • Introduction to the most established surf spots and the ideal conditions for each spot.
  • Understanding the differences in conditions for each season.
  • Overview of surf equipment.
  • Basic surfing etiquette.
  • Basic safety and self rescue tools.

    Wave Forecasting Workshop Learn to Surf in Toronto Great Lakes Surfing ISA

    Surfing the lakes can be greatly different to warmer ocean beaches—especially in the winter months. Learn the safety precautions needed when surfing in these months and how to prep for these kind of days.

    Please visit our FAQ page for more information about surfing on the Greats and our surf school. We have a mailing list dedicated to people who are interested in surf lessons. 


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