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Hale STG Comfortably Numb


We love good coffee and if you've tried the coffee we serve at our shop, you know that we pride ourselves in only serving the best locally roasted beans. For this holiday season, we partnered up with Hale Coffee Roasters to make our roast. 

We wanted to create a blend that honoured all the sides of who we are. Our love of the Great Lakes runs deep, we are tropical by nature. We pledge allegiance to the surf, our home on native land and to that toasty first sip of Comfortably Numb—one part Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, light, luscious, botanic, flirtatious and one part Brazilian El Dorodo cocoa, creamy cashew nut. Pop by the shop to try it as an espresso or a pour over and get your bag to take home before they are all gone!

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