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Forecasting Workshop


Saturday, March 17, 2–5 PM

Surf the Greats - 276 Carlaw Ave Unit 215

Are you new to Great Lake surfing and would like to begin understanding how to forecast waves? We have prepared a workshop with all the information and tools you need to understand how wave forecasting works on the Great Lakes, so you can start chasing your own waves. The workshop will cover:

The workshop will cover:

  • The science behind wave formation on the Lakes.
  • Understanding weather maps and charts.
  • Using online tools and apps available for wave forecasting.
  • Introduction to the most established surf spots and the ideal conditions for each spot.
  • Understanding the differences in conditions for each season.
  • Overview of surfing and SUP equipments.
  • Basic surfing etiquette.
  • Basic safety and self rescue tools.

Limited to 10 people.

Please visit our FAQ page for more information about surfing on the Greats and our surf school. We have a mailing list dedicated for people who are interested in surf lessons.

E-mail if have any questions.

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