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Aftanas Bob 5'10"


In 2015 I wasn’t in the best surfing shape. Production demands and deadlines started to eat into what would normally be my water time. Being picky about tides and surf quality took a back seat to getting to the nearest beach as quick as possible. If the surf was overpowering the squash tail I just grabbed the round tail. 

Bob is a machine for crushing mush, with flair. Low entry rocker gets you in early, a speed pedal under your front foot gets you moving quick and a curvy last 6” allows you to surf more vertically than you would expect from similar boards. Can’t afford a longboard? Let Bob keep you stoked on those days where you just want to get wet no matter the size. 


- 5’10, 22, 2 ¾,
- 39 Litres
- Five fin setup
- Carbon wrap
- Round tail
- Futures fins
- PU/Poly


- Knee to Head High


- Beginner/Intermediate-Advanced

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