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Whit Surf 7'8 Pelican


The Pelican was inspired by weightlessness and glide, like the birds cruising over the waves. It was designed to maximize your riding time. With a low entry rocker and a single concave running through the front of the board, this board is easy to paddle and generates a lot of speed down the line. It has a staged rocker with a large sweet spot allowing for drive and easy acceleration. It has a slight double concave through the back fins and a moderate V out the tail, creating easy rail to rail transition. The rails are full, making your drawn out turns and cutbacks more forgiving and less likely to bog when the wave goes flat.

The Pelican was designed with a 2+1 fin system. For a more traditional feel, ride it as a single fin and enjoy a more highline laid back style. When the surf gets bigger and more hold is needed, throw in the side bites and enjoy getting into waves way before anyone else in the lineup. But just like the bird, remember to share it with the pack.


- 7'8 x 21.75 x 2.875
- 58L
- 2+1
- Squash 
- PU/PE construction


- Ankle to Shoulder High


- Beginner to Advanced

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