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Chicama Surf Camp 2020

Chicama Surf Camp Surf the Greats Surf Trip

MARCH 28 – APRIL 4, 2020 (SOLD OUT)
APRIL 4 – 11, 2020 (4 SPOTS LEFT)

Chicama, Peru

This once in a lifetime adventure will take you to the longest surfable left-hand point break on Earth, where you will enjoy 7 days surfing this leg quaking wave while staying at The Chicama Boutique Hotel—one of the nicest surf hotels in the world! Surf perfect, extremely long waves that will make you rub your eyes in disbelief. All of this surrounded by a group of rad human beings with varying skills that will support you and push you to improve your surfing wave after wave. Our first week is fully booked but we opened a second camp running from April 4 to 11, 2020.



Our ISA certified coaches have designed a solid programming of surfing, mindfulness, and movement to focus on individual progress and performance over the course of the week. Chicama—with its sheltered bays—is the perfect place for beginners to start surfing. For intermediate and more advanced surfers, this is one of the best waves in the world for you to progress your surfing. The consistency of each section allows for careful maneuvers to be performed, pushing your abilities to the next level. Regardless of where you are at with your skill, we will tailor the coaching sessions to suit your particular needs.

Surf the Greats Surf Camp Chicama Peru

This experience is limited to 12 people and no previous surfing experience is required. Our experienced surf coaches work closely with local surf guides to provide our guests with the best possible coaching. If you have ever dreamed of surfing the longest left-point break wave in the world and being pushed out of your comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment, this trip is for you. Our programming includes daily movement and mindfulness sessions and workshops to teach you important skills to condition your body and the mind to become a better surfer. With a well-balanced mix of theory and practical sessions, photo, and video analysis, our programming provides the best possible environment for self-improvement and growth.

Surf the Greats Surf Camp Chicama Peru


  • 7 night / 8 days accommodation
  • Transportation to and from the hotel
  • Guided surf sessions and surf lessons with ISA Certified coaches
  • 2 x 3 hours zodiac tow-back sessions per day (Total of 10 sessions)
  • Daily mindfulness and movement sessions & workshops
  • Hike to Cerro Malabrigo
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner showcasing the best of Peruvian cuisine
  • Filtered drinking water
  • Photographs
  • Use of gym, sauna, steam room, hot tubs, and infinity pool
  • Use of TV room, books, and video library
  • Use of games room
  • Coffee and tea all day

Surf the Greats Surf Camp Chicama Peru


  • Surfboard rentals
  • Daily surf lessons and guided sessions with tow-back service
  • Theory & technique lessons
  • Detailed information on surf technique & local spots
  • Group and individual assessments to identify learning objectives and maximize outcomes
  • Experienced surf instructors certified by the International Surfing Association
  • Maximum 4:1 Student/Guide Ratio
  • Ongoing technique analysis and individual feedback
  • The possibility of surfing other breaks (according to skill level and conditions)

Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf

Surf the Greats Surf Camp Chicama Peru


  • Pre-surf mindfulness meditation sessions
  • Daily movement sessions and workshops (Tidal Flow, Yin/Restorative, Ginástica Natural, Animal Flow, Surf Conditioning)
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Classes designed to maximize your surfing experience
  • Active classes to activate, improve mobility, and strengthen muscle groups required for surfing
  • Restorative classes stretch, relax and allow your body to recover from your sessions
  • Expect lots of surf movements on the mat and on the beach to get you ready to surf
  • Mindfulness meditation sessions help you stay in control of your breath and your mind in and out of the water

    Surf the Greats Surf Camp Chicama Peru

    Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf

    Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf

    Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf


    • High-end accommodations at one of the nicest surf hotels in the world 
    • Private room with 1 king size bed
    • Shared room with 2 or 3 twin size beds
    • All rooms with private bathrooms
    • Private terrace with an ocean view for each room
    • Ceiling fans
    • Safe box
    • Infinity pool and relaxing deck
    • Jacuzzi
    • Sauna
    • Lounging areas throughout the property
    • Gym
    • Spa
    • Restaurant
    • Daily maid service
    • Complimentary filtered water
    • Concierge Service
    • Free Wi-Fi

    Surf the Greats Surf Camp Chicama Peru


        There will be a shuttle waiting for you at Trujillo Airport on Saturday, March 28th or on April 4th at 10:00 AM. We highly recommend that you fly into Lima at least a day early to get settled and prepare to make the quick 1-hour flight to Trujillo. All connections must be made through Lima. If you are unable to make the 10:00 AM shuttle (from Trujillo airport) we can arrange other transportation for you to get to the Hotel at an additional charge. Our travel agent can assist you booking a night at a hotel by the airport if needed.

        Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf


        • Flights
        • Airport transfers for anyone arriving past 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 28th or Saturday, March 4th (for the 2nd week camp)
        • Beverages
        • Massages
        • Additional Tours & Activities
        • Gratuities

            Surf the Greats Surf Camp Chicama Peru


            Our ISA-certified coaches have developed a classification system based on your surfing skills and fitness level to create a progressive and effective coaching program with a variety of daily drills to suit everyone’s individual needs. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been surfing for years, we have a program to help you progress your surfing and get to the next step. We strive to objectively place our guests in the appropriate level free of judgment and with all the encouragement and support every person needs. For that to happen, our rule number one is for every guest to leave their ego and self-judgment at home and come with an open mind to learn, practice and progress in order to make the most out of the experience.

            Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf

            Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf

            Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf

            Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf

            Our trip starts with an early morning fitness and skill assessment to place you in the right level, and as the week progresses, we will team you with the right coaches on a daily basis to ensure you are getting the most out of your coaching. Our classification works with a system of coloured fins: white, blue, purple, and black. If you are a complete beginner, our goal is to coach you so you can tick all the boxes in the white fin category by the end of the trip. Remember, no matter how good you are, surfing is a lifelong quest and you can always improve with consistent training and appropriate coaching. If you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, we will place you accordingly to your skills after the assessment on day 1. Only surfers in the black fin level can join the trip without joining the surf camp.

            White Fin Surf Level Surf the Greats
            WHITE FIN
            • Knowing all parts of the board;
            • Demonstrating board control and properly entering and exiting the water;
            • Practicing board control in whitewater (i.e. paddling, turning, catching waves, accelerating and decelerating speed prone and standing);
            • Shallow water dismounting from prone and from standing;
            • Traversing left and right in the white water;
            • Straight takeoffs;
            • Having the awareness and basic understanding of what to do when you encounter a rip current;
            • Independently catching broken waves;
            • Understanding currents and being aware of your positioning (setting landmarks);
            • Having basic whitewater etiquette for when it’s your turn, avoiding bumping into people, staying out of people’s way and safely to catching waves.

            Participants in this level will start the week practicing in one of the protected beach areas, and will only be allowed on the boat according to their progress throughout the week. Your safety is our number one priority, and it's up to our surf coaches to determine when and if you are ready to get on the boat.


            Blue Fin Level Surf the Greats
            BLUE FIN
            • Paddling through broken waves;
            • Being comfortable in the water, out of your depth, and in the impact zone;
            • Demonstrating surf etiquette when catching unbroken waves;
            • Unbroken wave selection (ie. Identifying lefts, rights, and closeouts)
            • Surfing both forehand and backhand on unbroken waves;
            • Trimming and carving left and right on unbroken waves;
            • Pressing up on the board to get through white water, and performing turtle roll/duck dive;
            • Generating speed and slowing down;
            • Staying calm after wipeouts when underwater or when a large set is approaching;
            • Performing angled take offs and bottom turns;
            • Starting to perform cutbacks;
            • Grabbing rail on steeper takeoff;
            • Getting out of dangerous situations by yourself.


            Purple Fin Surf Level Surf the Greats
            PURPLE FIN
            • Linking turns;
            • Comfortable surfing overhead conditions and heavier waves;
            • Fully competent at reading a set and predicting where and when it will break;
            • Great understanding of wave selection, knowing which direction the wave is breaking, the turn that is required and when to generate speed or to stall;
            • Performing the following:
              • Popping up at the top of the wave before making the drop
              • Snaps
              • Floaters and completing into next turn or to finish off the wave;
              • Closeout turns;
              • Grab rail turns;
              • Roundhouse cutbacks;
              • Getting the board above the lip;
              • Hang 5;
              • Reverse entry;
              • Cross step turns;
            • Being comfortable at surfing over shallow reef or rocks;
            • Getting out of dangerous situations by yourself;
            • Being able to read when others are in dangerous situations and how to rescue them when it is required;
            • Having enough knowledge and experience to teach someone how to surf and to coach other surfers.


            Black Fin Surf Level Surf the Greats
            BLACK FIN
            • Competing in amateur or professional level surf competitions;
            • Big wave surfing;
            • Vertical surfing;
            • Completion of a variety of aerials and progressive surfing maneuvers;
            • Barrel riding;
            • Laybacks;
            • Fin releases;
            • Coaching amateur and professional athletes for competitions. 

             Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf


            The Chicama Valley is home to a variety of ancient archeological sites. Some of them are very well preserved and can be reached within 45 minutes from our hotel. If you would like to take an afternoon off from surfing and learn more about the ancient civilizations that once inhabited the area, a tour can be arranged for an extra charge. 

            Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf

            MACHU PICCHU

            If you have the time and desire, Machu Picchu is an option for you to visit. It will require flying from Trujillo to Lima and Lima to Cusco. The adventure to one of the world’s seven wonders will be undertaken as an addition to the retreat at your choosing. There are several tour operators in the area, but we recommend Alternative Inca Trails. Please check their website to choose which amazing tour option you would like and book through them directly. These tours will be booked at your own expense.

            Machu Pichu


            Lima is the capital and the largest city in Peru, with a population of over 10 million people. This modern and exciting metropolis offers visitors some of the best cuisines on the planet. There are many local breaks for surfers, and if you would like to spend a couple days there before or after Chicama, we recommend staying at Miramar or Barranco. Both neighbourhoods are very safe, walkable and have so much to offer in terms of food, drinks, arts, and entertainment. From there, you can walk down the cliffs with your board to surf one of the local breaks and enjoy some of the best views in the city.

            Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf


            • Travel and health insurances are mandatory and not included in the package
            • Passport must be valid for 6 months beyond your date of entry
            • All guests must be at least 18 years old

            Surf the Greats Surf Camp Chicama Peru


            "My time with Surf The Greats in Costa Rica changed the way I travel and my approach to wellness. With excellent teaching and coaching in great surfing spots, I now have the confidence to rent a board, head out on my own, and join the “line up”. We also had the chance to practice yoga (something totally new for me) in some beautiful tropical spaces. I couldn’t understand why I had not built this into my fitness and wellness efforts before. Now, I practice yoga a couple times per week and my body is healthier and fitter for it. Our trip to Costa Rica was amazing. The houses we stayed in were beautiful and comfortable, the beaches were stunning, and the landscapes were dramatic. Our tour leaders were encouraging, fun, and always made us feel safe. I met some wonderful people and made some great new connections. There was always a sense of solidarity amongst the group as we learned together, lived together, and supported each other out in the waves. We didn’t just learn to surf. We learned about the culture, etiquette and science of surfing too."

            – Rich O.

            "November 2015 was a highlight in my life, on November 11 I made my way to Toronto airport to meet a bunch of strangers with whom I would spend the next 10 days traveling through Costa Rica hitting surf spots and exploring one of the driving force in my life, surfing. I am a total beginner but have a passion for the sport. Antonio Lennert with Surf the Greats provided me and the rest of the group with an opportunity to discover amazing surf spots and scenic areas in Costa Rica. We met with knowledgeable teachers from surf schools from the area who worked with us to improve our skills. The accommodations where we stayed where beautiful and all had their own particular unique look and feel. If you like an atmosphere of camaraderie surrounded by incredible nature as well as having the opportunity to enjoy surfing, I would totally encourage you to join Surf the Greats in one of their expeditions. Antonio is a caring and a pretty amazing guy who has at heart to provide the members of his party with a safe and enjoyable trip. Pura Vida!"

            —Marie-Carmelle S.


            TRIP COST

            Single room w/ private bathroom CAD $3,595.00
            Double room w/ private bathroom CAD $2,995.00
            Triple room w/ private bathroom CAD$ 2,645.00


            CAD $750 Non-refundable Surf Camp Fee required to secure your spot.

            The remainder due to our travel agent by March 1st, 2020.

            Chicama Boutique Resort Surf the Greats Surf Camp Learn to Surf


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