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Tides come and go, rise then fall, ebb and flow; the Great Lakes may not have conventional tides, but we have our equivalent. The tide of the north is the ebb of winter, and the flow of summer. With tides as a metaphor, we designed a fun and unique class to bring our community together to connect with their minds, bodies and our natural environment. This Vinyasa flow mixes traditional yoga postures with contemporary movements from Ginástica Natural, conditioning movements from surfing, as well as breathing and meditation techniques. The result is a powerful and unique class suitable for all levels that strengthens the body and nurtures the soul.


Surf the Greats Tidal Flow

After a successful series during the Summer, we are joining forces with Lululemon on a new series of classes for 10 weeks at their new community space The Attic at 318 Queen Street West.


Lululemon The Attic

Come exercise body and mind with us Saturdays 9:15–10:30AM starting September 12th.



Drop in


Per class with 4 week class pass