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Montezuma Surf Camp 2019

Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica

FEBRUARY 16 – 23, 2019
Montezuma, Costa Rica

Join us for the surf camp experience of your life. During this 7 day trip, you will learn to surf with our experienced surf coaches certified by the International Surfing Association. In addition to daily surf lessons and supervised sessions, we have developed a curriculum that incorporates mindfulness sessions and movement workshops. This holistic approach to surfing allows your body to recover from your surf sessions while training your mind the ideal state to practice the sport. We will be based in one of the nicest beach communities in Central America, nestled in the tropical jungle, at El Sano Banano across the street from the ocean in Montezuma. This town is well off the beaten path and offers a laidback vibe providing the perfect spot to learn to surf, relax, and explore. 

This trip is perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers who want to practice in a safe and supportive environment. We have chosen our dates to coincide with most Canadian Reading Weeks - and aim to provide the ideal escape for the most adventurous students. 

Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica

This experience is limited to 15 people and no previous surfing experience is required. Our coaches work closely with local surf guides to provide our guests with quality instruction and coaching.   Whether you want to learn to surf or become a better surfer, we designed this trip to push you out of your comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment.

We record our surf sessions through photos and video from land and in water and analyze the footage together in a casual gathering in the evenings.  This daily feedback has been proven to accelerate your learning curve and get you surfing better faster. Come on the trip of a lifetime and explore this naturally wealthy country and the pura vida lifestyle with us.

Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica


  • 5 surf lessons plus daily supervised sessions with ISA certified coaches
  • Theory & technique sessions and workshops
  • Detailed information on surf technique & local spots
  • Group and individual assessments to identify learning objectives and maximize outcomes
  • 4:1 Student/Guide Ratio
  • Ongoing technique analysis and individual feedback
  • Possibility of surfing other breaks (according to skill level and conditions)
  • Surfboard rentals

Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica


  • Pre-surf mindfulness meditation sessions
  • Daily movement sessions and workshops (Tidal Flow, Yin/Restorative, Ginástica Natural, Animal Flow, Surf Conditioning) - suitable for all levels
  • Classes designed to maximize your surfing experience
  • Active classes to activate, improve mobility, and strengthen muscle groups required for surfing
  • Restorative classes stretch, relax and allow your body to recover from your sessions
  • Expect lots of surf movements on the mat and on the beach to get you ready to surf
  • Mindfulness meditation sessions help you stay in control of your breath and your mind in and out of the water
    Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica


      • Clean, comfortable, private and safe rooms at El Sano Banano
      • Single room with queen size bed
      • Double room with 1 queen and 1 twin bed
      • Quad room with 3 twin and 1 queen bed
      • Private bathrooms
      • Hot water showers
      • Located right in town, across the street from the beach
      • A/C in rooms
      • In-room safe
      • Daily housekeeping service
      • Free Wi-Fi
      • Access to Ylang Ylang Beach Resort (their sister resort on the beach), including the pool and some of the other amenities at the resort

      Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica


      • Daily continental breakfast
      • Daily traditional Costa Rican lunch
      • Everything is walking distance from the hotel
      • The beach is across the street
      • The hotel has the best organic restaurant in town, and there are several other restaurants nearby
      • Waterfall within 15-minute walk from the hotel
      • Reggae Night
      • Photographs - lifestyle and surfing

        Surf the Greats Surf and Yoga Camp in Costa Rica


        • Flights
        • Dinners
        • Airport transfers for anyone arriving within more than 2 hours of suggested arrival
        • Optional activities
        • Gratuities
        • Costa Rica departure fee

        Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica


        • Standup paddleboarding
        • Massages
        • Zip-lining
        • Horseback riding
        • Snorkeling
        • Spanish lessons

          Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica


          Our ISA-certified coaches have developed a classification system based on your surfing skills and fitness level to create a progressive and effective coaching program with a variety of daily drills to suit everyone’s individual needs. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been surfing for years, we have a program to help you progress your surfing and get to the next step. We strive to objectively place our guests in the appropriate level free of judgment and with all the encouragement and support every person needs. For that to happen, our number one rule is for every guest to leave their ego and self-judgment at home and come with an open mind to learn, practice and progress in order to make the most out of the experience.

          Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica

          Our trip starts with an early morning fitness and skill assessment to place you in the right level, and as the week progresses, we will team you with the right coaches on a daily basis to ensure you are getting the most out of your coaching. Our classification works with a system of coloured fins: white, blue, purple, and black. If you are a complete beginner, our goal is to coach you so you can tick all the boxes in the white fin category by the end of the trip. Remember, no matter how good you are, surfing is a lifelong quest and you can always improve with consistent training and appropriate coaching. If you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, we will place you accordingly to your skills after the assessment on day 1. Only surfers in the black fin level can join the trip without joining the surf camp.

          White Fin Surf Level Surf the Greats
          WHITE FIN
          • Knowing all parts of the board;
          • Demonstrating board control and properly entering and exiting the water;
          • Practicing board control in whitewater (i.e. paddling, turning, catching waves, accelerating and decelerating speed prone and standing);
          • Shallow water dismounting from prone and from standing;
          • Traversing left and right in the white water;
          • Straight takeoffs;
          • Having the awareness and basic understanding of what to do when you encounter a rip current;
          • Independently catching broken waves;
          • Understanding currents and being aware of your positioning (setting landmarks);
          • Having basic whitewater etiquette for when it’s your turn, avoiding bumping into people, staying out of people’s way and safely catching waves.


          Blue Fin Level Surf the Greats
          BLUE FIN
          • Paddling through broken waves;
          • Being comfortable in the water, out of standing depth, and in the impact zone;
          • Demonstrating surf etiquette when catching unbroken waves;
          • Unbroken wave selection (ie. Identifying lefts, rights, and closeouts)
          • Surfing both forehand and backhand on unbroken waves;
          • Trimming and carving left and right on unbroken waves;
          • Pressing up on the board to get through white water, and performing turtle roll/duck dive;
          • Generating speed and slowing down;
          • Staying calm after wipeouts when underwater or when a large set is approaching;
          • Performing angled take offs and bottom turns;
          • Starting to perform cutbacks;
          • Grabbing rail on steeper takeoff;
          • Getting out of dangerous situations by yourself.


          Purple Fin Surf Level Surf the Greats
          PURPLE FIN
          • Linking turns;
          • Comfortable surfing overhead conditions and heavier waves;
          • Fully competent at reading a set and predicting where and when it will break;
          • Great understanding of wave selection, knowing which direction the wave is breaking, the turn that is required and when to generate speed or to stall;
          • Performing the following:
            • Popping up at the top of the wave before making the drop
            • Snaps
            • Floaters and completing into next turn or to finish off the wave;
            • Closeout turns;
            • Grab rail turns;
            • Roundhouse cutbacks;
            • Getting the board above the lip;
            • Hang 5;
            • Reverse entry;
            • Cross step turns;
          • Being comfortable surfing over shallow reef or rocks;
          • Getting out of dangerous situations by yourself;
          • Being able to read when others are in dangerous situations and how to rescue them when it is required;
          • Having enough knowledge and experience to teach someone how to surf and to coach other surfers.


          Black Fin Surf Level Surf the Greats
          BLACK FIN
          • Competing in amateur or professional level surf competitions;
          • Big wave surfing;
          • Vertical surfing;
          • Completion of a variety of aerials and progressive surfing maneuvers;
          • Barrel riding;
          • Laybacks;
          • Fin releases;
          • Coaching amateur and professional athletes for competitions. 

          Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica


          • Travel and health insurances are mandatory and not included in the package
          • Passport must be valid for 6 months beyond your date of entry
          • All guests must be at least 19 years old

          Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica



          "We just came back from an amazing surf trip to Chicama, Peru with Surf The Greats. I’ve been surfing with them for years but this is the first surf trip overseas together and let me tell you... They rock! Right from the beginning with the flights, logistics, lessons, video analysis, accommodation, yoga, gear, food, tours and everything that any surfer in the world can dream about, they make sure you got it! You’ll come back as a better person and better surfer! Thanks so much guys! Can’t wait to join you on many more trips!"

          — Larry C. 

          "I went on my first surf/yoga retreat to Nosara, Costa Rica in October 2017 and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. Looking back now, I didn’t realize how important this trip was in the context of my own life direction, but I came back to Canada with a clear mind, new goals, and support from an incredible surf community. Antonio, Matty and Aaron made sure that learning to surf wasn’t just about being able to stand up on a board. It’s about learning to be a considerate surfer, safety, mindfulness and focus. It’s so applicable to other parts of life, and I knew as soon as I got back that I wanted to go on another trip. I went to Chicama, Peru in March 2018, where I spent my 30th birthday refining skills, building confidence, and challenging myself. I always feel so safe out in the water with the instructors. They were always there to challenge me, but always had my safety in mind. The trip was unforgettable, and I’m so thankful for that experience." 

          — Emily G.

          Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica

          TRIP COST

          Single accommodation CAD$ 2,695.00
          Double accommodation CAD$ 2,295.00
          Quadruple accommodation CAD$ 1,895.00


          CAD$ 750 Non-refundable Surf Camp Fee required to secure your spot.

          Remainder due to our travel agent by January 15th, 2019.

          Surf the Greats Surf Camp Montezuma Costa Rica 


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