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Surfboard Repairs Toronto WhitSurf Great Lakes Surf

Got a ding? No worries, we will get it fixed for you. We have partnered with Whit Surf and have a shaping bay right here in the shop. This allows us to offer faster turnaround times and precise repairs.

We offer a wide variety of repairs for all that life throws at you and your board. This includes broken noses, rail dings, fin box replacements, punctures and boards broken in half (or worse). We can repair all kinds of boards including polyurethane foam, EPS foam, polyester resin, epoxy resin and wood. If you are worried about strength and integrity, we can also re -laminate boards for added strength.

Whit Surf Surfboard Repairs Toronto Great Lakes Surf

Haynes Kent—owner of Whit Surf—is our in-house repair man. He has studied and trained in multiple locations around the world shadowing some of the top board designers in the surf industry. He has been taught by some amazing shapers from Costa Rica, New Jersey, and Australia and has had the opportunity to work with the legend behind Lighting Bolt surfboards—Thyola Chiarella. Working with these professionals instilled in Haynes a sense of required perfectionism. Whether he is shaping a new board, repairing a fin box or glassing a repair, he carries the same level of attention to get your custom board created or old reliable magic shape back in the water.  


Come pop by the shop or e-mail Haynes for a quote and to get your board ready for the next swell.