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33.75” Point Break Complete


When the director of the new Point Break approached Carver, he told Them he wanted to work with a performance-oriented company to make the board that would not only be featured in the story of the film, but also ridden by the stunt riders for the skateboarding action scenes. Carver were stoked to be a part of the project so They worked directly with the stunt crew as they began rehearsing the scenes, which involved surfskating down a spiralling parking garage ramp, dodging cars and going fast.

They needed a combination of control at higher speeds while maintaining tight manoeuvrability and quick response. Carver sent them various sizes and configurations until They arrived at the best proportions. At 33 ¾” this board is not very long, but the 19” wheelbase smoothes out the ride for higher speeds, while the chopped off nose gives you a nice wide platform for your front foot for extra carving control. It was a combination that worked perfectly for the demanding requirements of a professional stunt crew, and they thought it would be something our riders would appreciate, too. 

For more on the story of this board, read the Currents story here

  • double stringer griptape
  • 33.75” long
  • 9 7/8” wide
  • 6 5/8" tail
  • 3 7/8" nose
  • 19" wheelbase
  • 69mm Roundhouse Concave Smoke
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