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Java Roasters Whole Bean Coffee - Kingdom of the Bird and the Cloud


size: 300g

tasting notes: Pecan Tart - Cherry - Cocoa

origin: El Salvador
farm: San Antonio Amatepec
location: San Marcos, San Salvador
producer: Karla Boza
variety: Bourbon & Pacas
process: Honey
elevation (MASL): 1200

Karla Boza, is the youngest of the 3 sisters & one of the recipients of the 2019-2021 Leadership Equity and Diversity (LEAD) Scholarship Program. LEAD is aimed at increasing diversity of leadership within the global coffee community by enabling access to professional development resources to people from underrepresented or marginalised communities. 

We couldn’t be more proud to introduce you this amazing girl and her coffee!


San Antonio Amatepec (founded in 1969) aka Kingdom of the Bird and the Cloud. Drying patios used to be part of a theme park known as “El Teleférico: el rhino del pájaro y la nube”.


- prioritize employment of local community;
- train & equip workers so duties are performed safely;
- give employees an annual bonus & their children yearly school supplies;
- have workshops on the importance of taking care of natural resources;
- respect employees’ work schedules. They never work more than previously determined, and all workshops are realized within regular work hours. 


- maintain coffee and shade tree nurseries to diversify our local ecosystem;
- rely on soil analysis to reduces the use of unnecessary chemicals;
- reforest sections of the farm with native trees;
- implement strategies to reduce forest fires and receive fire safety lessons;
- rehabilitate and release injured fauna;
- keep beehives for the benefit of pollinators and our local forest.


- quality starts at the farm, where we selectively pick each coffee cherry;
- all coffee is processed the same day it is picked;
- washed coffee is processed at Café Pacas;
- naturals and honeys are manually processed right at the farm;
- all coffee is stored in organized, clean, and temperature appropriate warehouses;
- full traceability.


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