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LeashLok Attachment - 3/8 Polyester


Our new 3/8” LEASHLOK HAWAII Attachments are made with a Polyester webbing that has a 3800 lbs. breaking strength. Polyester webbing is superior to the old Polypropylene webbing and stretches less, is more resistant to rot and mildew, has a higher strength rating and a softer feel in your hands. Our new webbing is made from a proprietary formula and is not affected by most chemicals, sunlight, oil, salt, water, fungus or moisture and the color and logo are actually a thermal dye technology which is very durable in all conditions. Our attachments are made with the highest quality materials and put to the highest possible test in Hawaiian surf. These products are made to assist your surfing activities and not to be confused with the experience needed to deal with different ocean conditions or as a substitute for your abilities. Please remember to replace your Attachments and Leashes yearly to avoid breakage.
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