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Passing Frames - Photographic Memories


Photographic Memories by Tina Heiss

I fell in love with Photography in the Canary Islands where I lived for two and a half years and worked for a surf school. One day I got a waterhousing in my hands and started to take pictures from the water—I remember that day like I remember surfing my first wave…

Photography and surfing keep me traveling around the world. When I decided to spend one year with a Work and Travel Visa in Canada, I thought this year would be more about snowboarding then surfing. It turns out I was wrong!

I followed surfer and filmmaker Cyrus Sutton for quite a while on Instagram and just days before I arrived in Toronto, he announced the showing of some of his short films in Toronto — in a Surf Shop — at Surf the Greats. I couldn’t believe it, I thought that’s some kind of a joke… Why would there be a Surf Shop in Toronto!? Where would people go surfing?

After realizing the tickets were sold out, I knew my only chance was to try it in person at the shop. Long story short, I came for a ticket and left with a job. Just a few days later I met Cyrus Sutton in person and started working at the shop.

I had planned on staying in Toronto for just a few weeks before heading out west. But after receiving an invitation to join the Surf the Greats family for a few months, I decided to stay longer and couldn’t be any happier about it.

Over the past few months, I met so many amazing people at the shop and out surfing on the Great Lakes. I also had the opportunity to shoot the surf scene here and at other places I travelled to, and this collection presents some photographic memories of my passing frames.Printed on a silver-halide colour paper (Kodak Endura), exposed using LED lights and processed by using traditional chemicals. 

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