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Tides come and go. Ice shelfs advance and recede. As the days grow longer, the ice retreats to once again open our opportunities to surf. As the heat grows stronger, we dust off our boards and hang our winter gear. The cyclic tide of the north is the ebb of winter, and the flow of summer.

Surf the Greats Ebb and Flow Photographic Exhibition by Lucas Murnaghan

Ebb and Flow is a photographic representation of the surfing culture here in the great lakes and around the world. The juxtaposition of these experiences and locations reminds us that it is the people, energy, and stoke that unites us. Surfing is about where you go to find it and where it takes you as a person.

Surf the Greats Ebb and Flow Photographic Exhibition by Lucas Murnaghan

This collection of surf photography will convey the first-person perspective of being out in the water. The unfamiliar will be transported to a place they have never seen, and the familiar to a place that they love.

Surf the Greats Ebb and Flow Lucas Murnaghan Photographic Exhibit

Drop in to check out Lucas Murnaghan's work and Surf the Greats threads from 11AM to 11PM. Opening reception from 7PM onwards with groovy beats, good vibes and tasty drinks.