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Spend some time with us here to dig a little deeper into the stories that have led us to where we are today. Here you will find original content from ourselves and our contributors from the Great Lakes and beyond.

Under An Arctic Sky

A group of surfers along with photographer Chris Burkard, journey to Iceland’s north coast in search of perfect waves during the largest storm in 25 years.
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How can yoga make you a better surfer?

There are so many similarities between the surfing and yoga and the deeper you dive into yoga the more benefits you discover.
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Surf Trip Essentials

We compiled a list of must-haves for any surf trip in the tropics to help you pack for our Surf & Yoga Camp in Nicaragua.
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Getting Surf Fit: Balance

How can we prep our core muscles and our body in general for surfing? The Indo Board is a fun way to engage new muscles and practice shifting weight forward and back, up and down.
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Catchin a Cold

Vans Canada and Surf the Greats are joining forces to celebrate the harshness and realness of winter surfing on the Great Lakes. Share your best freshwater winter surf photographs for a chance to win one of the five rad prizes we put together for the competition. How to enter Post your fresh water winter surfing and life­style photographs to Instagram. Must follow and tag @vanscanada and @surfthegreats and use the hashtag #catchinacold. Only photographs taken during the winter on the Great Lakes will be considered. All entries must be submitted by April 15th at 11:59PM EST. Winners will be announced on Friday, April 21st at 12PM EST. We ask that private accounts be made public during the giveaway in order to...
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How to protect yourself from Surfer's Ears

When you surf you are at risk of ear infections, swimmer's ear, perforations from impact/ water pressure and cold water surfers are especially prone to surfer's ear.
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Migration Surfboards Interview

Our brand ambassador Andrew Jowett caught up with lake surfer and shaper Tim Folkert from Migration Surf in West Michigan to find out more about their work and passion for surfing. They have been hand shaping surfboards for the Great Lakes and spreading the stoke for the past few years. Read the full interview below and check out their stunning surfboards.
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How To Surf Through Winter Without Freezing To Death?

Lake surfing most months of the year is more or less a simple process: show up, paddle out, surf till you can’t anymore, then call it a day. Winter surfing, on the other hand, is less of an automated practice and can be daunting even to the most hardened veteran. Here are a few tips from the Surf the Greats team to help you stay stoked and to keep all movement in your extremities when it’s below zero and pumping. PROTECT THE MONEY! Often a phrase used by our surf instructors when referring to protecting your head when realigning after a wipeout, this time in a new context. The winter winds can be harsh on the skin and so can the...
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Who Wants to Play Net?

As a Canadian kid growing up playing street hockey, I can clearly remember this tricky moment. playing street hockey growing up. All the kids from the neighbourhood had gathered ready to play, but there was one issue to be settled. It seemed nobody ever wanted to play goalie . . . except for the guy that did. A collective sigh of relief could be heard, and all was right in the world again. Goalies are a bit different than other hockey players. They train and think differently, they use special equipment, and see the game from a unique perspective. Not everybody wants to be a goalie, and not everyone should. There are a select few individuals for whom standing between...
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Help 4 Jaco

November 2015 was an awesome month for me. I traveled to Costa Rica to take a surf instructor course and a lifeguard course, plus travel, wander, and take pictures. The courses were taught on Jacó beach - a fun and busy four-kilometer stretch of beach located on the pacific side of Costa Rica. The lifeguard course was remarkable, difficult, rewarding, and informative all in one. It was a five-day, 40-hour intensive schedule of learning life-saving procedures. Marvin Perez is the head instructor of the course and one of the local lifeguards on Jacó Beach. Marvin, alongside friends and certified watermen Kali Artavia Ureña and Jair Perez Quiros, delivered a tough and educational course. Their love for the ocean and passion...
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