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Surf the Greats Gear

With daylight compressed by winter’s arrival, the holiday buzz comes as a strange contrast to moody city days. It seems necessary behaviour, for all of us, to adopt a sort of Yang positivity in lieu of this lack of light. This outlook reminds us that there’s warmth, solace, to be had. Even if that comfort is found in the icy lake, turbulent beside the hibernating city. The solstice, nadir of darkness, also marks the first day of expanding light.

So, in light of this cosmic moment, we celebrate our shop’s inaugural Fall, and the growth of our vision, with the arrival and unveiling of Surf The Greats’ official apparel line. The gear embodies the raw, frenetic moods of the lakes, and the fringe nature of surfing in the city. Rock our new collection to invoke the modern vibe we share with the scene.