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Spend some time with us here to dig a little deeper into the stories that have led us to where we are today. Here you will find original content from ourselves and our contributors from the Great Lakes and beyond.

4 Types of Surfboards To Add To Your Quiver

The era of having a quiver full of thrusters is over. This is why so many modern surfers are beginning to upgrade their quivers so they have a board for just about any condition. From a fish to a soft top to a groveler and beyond, having a wide variety of boards can help you to surf any time of year, no matter the waves. Here is the guide to help you build your surf quiver to surf on the Great Lakes and beyond.
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A bigger, better, and brighter Surf the Greats

Our new shop is located at 260 Carlaw Avenue Unit 102, and in addition to all the rad things we had in our previous location, we now have an in-house shaper and a shaping bay so that you can watch your new custom surfboard being made while you grab a coffee or a bite. 
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Mindfulness on Water

Being surrounded by any body of water can have a positive impact on your mind, body, and soul. It helps calm your nervous system, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases your overall sensation of happiness, relaxation, connection with nature and connection within yourself.
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We are really pumped at the arrival of the new pieces from Mollusk surf. Based out of San Francisco, they opened up shop in 2005, catering to the emerging alternative and retro colours of surfing… a place where you could find flatter boards, fish, and shapes a bit different than the potato chip thrusters of the late 90’s early ‘00s. 
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Helping Those In Need While Searching For Perfect Waves

We have the privilege of travelling to some of the most special places in the world in search of perfect waves and experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. As an organization, we have an environmental and social commitment to leave those places better than we found. 
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The Ultimate Cold Water Wetsuit Guide

Our team put together the ultimate wetsuit guide for cold water surfing on the Great Lakes, in Canada and anywhere you go around the world.
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Frothing on the Great Lakes

Great Lake surfers live by Gerry Lopez’s famous credo, “Surf is where you find it.” Celebrating surfing in its most basic essence, every season of the year.
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She Shreds The Greats

Surf The Greats mission has always been to bring surf to those who share the stoke. Last weekend was a special example of that, as we hosted our first edition of “She Shreds” in partnership with Vans Canada.
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Surf the Greats Gets On Board

We are all destined to be affected by cancer at some stage of our lives. Maddi Leblanc’s event is an inspiring action to get people on board to fundraise for the  Canadian Cancer Society. 
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Under An Arctic Sky

A group of surfers along with photographer Chris Burkard, journey to Iceland’s north coast in search of perfect waves during the largest storm in 25 years.
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