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Tofino, BC

Nothing worth achieving has ever been accomplished without a little risk. That idea took me all the way from the east coast of Michigan to the distant shores of Tofino, British Columbia for the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Tofino. It was a risk for me to pack two bags filled to the carry-on limits with camera gear and a few changes of clothes and get on 3 flights from Detroit to Tofino. It was a risk for me to head out there and stay with two guys I had never formally met before.

Joao shredding in Tofino

Both of those paid off more than I could ever have imagined. Tofino is unlike any other place on the planet. Where the mountains meet the ocean and the shoreline brings in amazing swell under the shadow of towering trees. The smile of amazement of this natural beauty never really left my face for the 5 days I was there. When Lucas Murnaghan picked me up from the smallest airport I’ve ever been to, I knew the two guys that were going to be my hosts were some of the most generous guys I’ve spent time with. Along with Lucas was Antonio Lennert. Both of them share an amazing passion for surfing and are on another planet when it comes to stoke for life.

Lucas starring at the waves

With two hosts and new friends that are on another planet when it comes to being epic human beings, we set out to capture and document the Rip Curl Pro Tofino. From the first day on, the surf made us feel like we were home on the Great Lakes with the similar waves that never really peaked more than a couple feet. With Lucas in the water getting an awesome perspective and with Antonio shooting from the beach getting amazing shots, I found myself trying new perspectives of my own. Trying to capture the light in ways that tried to do the beauty of this place justice and shooting low with the awesome reflections that can be found on Cox Bay I had my hands full with new ideas.

Kevin Schultz shredding at the Rip Curl Pro Tofino 2016

With the amazing and humble talent of the pro surfers at the comp it was hard to not take epic surfing photos. With the less than ideal conditions the guys and gals put on a show. Kevin Schulz was head turning from the start with epic turns and a style that represented his home in San Clemente well. Canadian folk hero Pete Devries who has ocean water running through his veins represented the hometown proudly with a second place finish behind Schulz.

Pete Devries at the Rip Curl Pro Tofino 2016

The risk of heading into the unknown paid off ten fold this time as I left with pictures that I’ve wanted to take but have only seen online. There really isn't a way to take a bad picture in that beautiful part of the world. The bigger payoff was the people I met, especially Lucas and Antonio. The risk is always worth the reward.

Sunset sessions at Cox Bay, Tofino

Words and images by Surf the Greats Ambassador Andrew Niven Jowett.

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  • I was surfing on the net when I decided to look for Surfing lessons in Toronto…and here you are. What an interesting website. Interested but probaly won’t be able to participate. I wear contacts and can not see well without them. This is my biggest downfall because I am a water junkie. I am always in the lake with my children and dogs trying to catch some mini waves on our air filled boards. Nonetheless….still excited to see this in Toronto. Hopefully I will be give this a try.


    Betty Botsinis.

    Happy to see some cool things in Toronto!


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